June 19 - 23, 2023

This is a must attend event for high achieving women of color who are ready to stop sacrificing their identity and sanity to climb the leadership ladder!

I'm Ready to Lead With SPICE!

You're not alone on this journey. Millions of women in leadership feel stuck in the middle, operating at maximum capacity and are seeing some success, but at what cost?


After being told I didn't have the "intangibles" for an executive, I can recall spending over 10 years straightening my hair to soften my image, changing my voice to not sound intimidating, wearing dark clothing to fit in, taking on challenging roles that were under resourced, and I was overcompensating and burning myself out to prove a point.

  I was the leader hiding who I was at the core to play the game, writing long statements in my performance reviews to prove how hard I worked and that I earned my “spot”. All I did was prove how busy I was, not how I added value.

   Due to codeswitching and conforming, feeling like an imposter and striving for perfection, I became exhausted and my results became inconsistent, leading to a plateaued career in early management. 

I knew I was ready to break through that glass ceiling to get to senior leadership, but I did not want to sacrifice my sanity, and most of all, my identity to get there. Most importantly, I did not want my daughters to see their mother as a fraud who wore a mask.

Instead of getting "angry" (IYKYK), I became authentic and effective!

I went from operating manufacturing production lines making household cleaning products to being an authentic and effective Fortune 500 global senior leader, being myself!

Are you ready to disrupt the status quo and change the conversation about women of color in leadership?

You are brilliant, you have the degrees, the certifications, the titles, however you are often in workplace cultures where you have to suppress who you are and make yourself smaller just to fit into your environments and make others comfortable. And when you do, the world misses out on your gifts and talents—and most importantly, you are missing out on living life unapologetically as yourself.


Let’s set the record straight, you are a leader because you want to change lives, develop your teams and deliver results. Now I believe your performance and ability to lead should not be defined by your kinks and coils, your bright colors, differing interests, quirky personality or colorful nails.


That's why I designed immersive workshops and leadership programs for brilliant women like you. 


It's time to take up space!




You're invited to attend this 5-day experience for women in early to mid-level leadership who are ready to shatter the glass ceiling with an authentic personal brand and effective leadership style.


You will walk away knowing exactly how to:

  • Authentically elevate your executive presence without jeopardizing your credibility.
  • Fiercely communicate to boost your value and income. 
  • Navigate the workplace being authentic and build strategic relationships that accelerates your career goals.
I'm Ready to Lead w/SPICE

It's Time To S.P.I.C.E. IT UP!


After this immersive workshop experience, you will walk away with a deeper understanding of yourself at the core, how to leverage your authenticity to your competitive advantage and be able to immediately apply our leadership and workplace navigation framework (S.P.I.C.E.)



SAVVY: Set yourself apart on your journey to senior leadership, become a business savvy beast. 

PERFORMANCE: You will no longer have to be the hardest worker in the room, learn strategies to redirect your energy and brain power toward becoming a productive and intentional leader.

IMAGE: It's time to be seen, valued and heard. Learn what it takes to cultivate an authentic image and personal brand that radiates your true authentic self.

COMMUNICATION: Land your next leadership role by learning the art of communicating the value you deliver and confidently negotiating.

EXPOSURE: Say goodbye to solo leadership. Learn how critical it is to  build meaningful and fulfilling relationships that exposes you to new and better opportunities.


LEADING WITH S.P.I.C.E is about going beyond the surface-level conversations, shedding layers and really digging into what it means to be authentically YOU at work—and how to leverage it as your superpower!

That is why we STRIP first. No not that kind, we get to know and love the real YOU.  


On the outside, you look like you have it all together, but you know deep down you are burned out, stressed, hiding and playing small. 



This workshop is for you and will guide you through our proven roadmap for showing up unapologetic, performing intentionally and building a strategic network that works for you!

I’m ready to SPICE IT UP!

Women who LEAD WITH S.P.I.C.E. have experienced:

  • Game-changing role changes and promotions to senior leadership without having to sacrifice who they are to conform to corporate cultural norms.
  • Salary increases that are life changing, due to confident and compelling negotiation and value articulation skills.
  • Lifelong, genuine relationships that are nurturing, empowering, and mutually beneficial. The ones where you can share your goals without any jealousy or envy, yes those!
  • Greater influence over their teams and peers, no more second guessing themselves and they are confidently showing up.
  • Increased energy and time to focus on enhancing relationships with their loved ones and family. Date nights were back and spicy, attending and being present at the kids activities, brunch with friends and more!

Our S.P.I.C.E. Model Works! 

- Miranda, RN for pre
and post op surgery

I was interviewing and was passed over for jobs earlier this year. After reading your book and attending your class, I HAVE LANDED MY DREAM JOB! I showed up more confident than ever. Not only that, I received a major pay raise and its only three miles from my home.

- Joi, CEO J.R. Candle

As both a business owner and leader, the book and class has prepared me to implement systems for sustainability, so I am not burned out, how to effectively lead other managers, and empowering me to do it all AUTHENTICALLY. This is absolutely amazing!

- Dr. Angela M. MD

You have encouraged me to hang up the superwoman cape and focus on being well. My superpower comes from being WELL & AUTHENTIC!

- Karen D., HR Professional

Who knew that being myself is outside of my comfort zone. I have embraced being authentically me, performing intentionally and as a result, I am up for a promotion!!

I’m ready to SPICE IT UP

This event is perfect for:

  • High-achieving mid-level women leaders who have experienced career success, but feel like you've reached that glass ceiling.
  • Ambitious early leaders, who desire to accelerate their leadership career without diluting the beauty and essence of who you are.
  • Dual-preneurs balancing everything. Corporate leaders and entrepreneurs who desire a fulfilling and purpose driven life without the exhaustion and burnout.
  • Thought leaders and experts who are hidden figures, the best kept secrets in the business world. You are a hard worker, deliver results, the “go to” person on your team, but your title and compensation does not reflect the value you deliver.
  • Bold, decisive women in leadership who are exhausted with shrinking themselves and dimming their light for the sake of playing the corporate game.
  • Women who are about their business, but like to laugh, have a good time and vibe with other powerful and nourishing women.
I’m ready to SPICE IT UP!



Time investment:  ~90-120min per day

This workshop is WORK, but it works. We take your time investment seriously. We are here to guide you through this intensive to maximize your results.

Day 1 - UNCOVERING & Business SAVVY

We always start with mindset to strip away those layers.

DISCOVER why and how to leverage business savvy to set you apart.


Move you from the hardest working woman to the smartest working leader with influence.

Day 3 - IMAGE

Craft an authentic personal brand that makes you memorable, profitable and powerful!


Not only will you be able to communicate your value, but confidently negotiate and set boundaries. 


No more flying solo, learn how to you will feel comfortable in exposing yourself to new people and opportunities to increase your impact, income and influence.

I'm Ready to SPICE IT UP!

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I don't want to speak for you, but I know I'm not a general admission type of woman. If you're here then I know you are a VIP woman who wants exclusivity, intimacy and a premium experience that delivers results faster.

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Is code-switching, perfectionism and feeling like an imposter holding you back? 


Codeswitching is the practice of changing your dialect, physical appearance, interests, suppressing or hiding who you are in order to  order to conform to societal norms. It is not uncommon for black women. 

But have you ever stopped to ask yourself why that is?

Why do you have to code-switch?

Why do you have to be perfect and overqualified?

And what does it mean to have an executive image?

Studies have shown that women suppress up to 60% of themselves DAILY in the workplace. And for black women, it is more staggering—up to 90% DAILY.

It's one thing to be adaptable, but it's another thing entirely to compromise who you are just to get ahead. It's time for ALL of us to show up fully and lead confidently and authentically if we want our careers to accelerate.

There is nothing wrong with who you are at the core. And if anything is missing, it's probably just that…you're not showing up fully. It's not the degrees, titles or certifications that makes you, well YOU.

In this workshop, we'll answer those questions and more by guiding you through our proven and proprietary 5-step model for leading with S.P.I.C.E.: Savvy, Performance & Image, Communication & Exposure, and finally our most important step: Stripping Away Codeswitching.

Hi, l'm Shayla,

a Global 500 award-winning leadership strategist, and global DEI expert, strategist, and coach with nearly 20 years of HR experience and, I am here to help you identify and triumph over what's holding you back from accelerating your career and growth as a leader. I truly believe building an authentic image that works for YOU, communicating your value in a way that makes others want to work with you and cultivating intentional relationships increases your impact and influence.

I believe authenticity is the vehicle to millions. When women are in safe spaces and can unapologetically be themselves, they deliver unprecedented results, will give their unwavering loyalty, and build profitable sustainable businesses and careers.

As a mother of twins, wife, sister and friend I am so excited to walk on this journey with you to wellness as an authentic and effective leader. 

Whether you are in corporate, healthcare, finance, academia, or tech—join us for this life changing event!


REGISTER to SPICE up your career and life!

I’m ready to SPICE IT UP