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We have options for you to sponsor your rising female talent for an upcoming cohort or deploy this program internally for a private development experience to strengthen your succession pipeline.

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Changing the leadership landscape, with AUTHENTIC diverse women who disrupt status quo.


I know first hand what it feels like to be overqualified and undervalued, to experience microaggressions on a daily basis, to completely change my identity for over a decade to fit in with the dominant culture, feeling like an imposter even though I delivered tangible results, to just feeling completely alone. 

Going from operating production lines making household cleaning products to global DE&I senior leadership, my journey began with self discovery, clarity and intentionality.


What makes this program different?


This program is birthed from personal experience, years of research and previous client results.

After finally experiencing career success authentically, I realized that I was not alone on this journey. Women of color have unique lived experiences and starkly different workplace experiences. This is why I designed this distinctive program just for you; an immersion experience that nurtures and develops the entire woman. No more sitting through cookie cutter leadership programs that were not designed by women of color for women of color. No more DIY online courses or online coaching programs that create clones of the coach.

My vision for high-achieving women of color in leadership, like you, is to disrupt status quo, to become business savvy, to have an authentic executive personal brand and effective leadership skills so you can excel without having to conform to cultural norms or sacrifice the true beauty and essence of who you are.

In fact, we encourage you to activate your authenticity and leverage it to your competitive advantage.

As an ambitious woman in your early to mid-level career, it's important that you find your voice. For your voice to be heard and understood, but more than that, for your unique voice to matter. That's whats important to me, that you thrive as your full authentic self in senior leadership!



It has been reported that Women suppress up to 65% of themselves and Women of Color suppress up to 90% of themselves on a daily basis in the workplace?


We empower and equip high achieving women like you, to uncover your authentic self and leverage your innate strengths and unique lived experiences as your competitive advantage to accelerate your career.

Women Lead with S.P.I.C.E. is a development program that guides leaders through the five pillars that are critical for personal and professional success:

Self Leadership &
Executive Presence & Personal Branding
Business Acumen
& Savvy
Leadership Skill & Career Alignment
Network Creation & Maximization

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This exclusive program is an intimate small group experience that is perfect, poised and primed for:


  • High-achieving women in middle management who have experienced career success, but you feel like you've reached that glass ceiling.
  • Ambitious emerging and early career professionals, who desire to accelerate their leadership career without diluting the beauty and essence of who you are.
  • Dual-preneurs balancing everything. Corporate leaders and entrepreneurs who desire a fulfilling and purpose driven life without the exhaustion and burnout.
  • Thought leaders and experts who are hidden figures, the best kept secrets in the business world. You are a hard worker, deliver results, the “go to” person on your team, but your title and compensation does not reflect the value you deliver.
  • Bold, decisive women in leadership who are exhausted with shrinking themselves and dimming their light for the sake of playing the corporate game.
  • Women who are about their business, but like to laugh, have a good time and vibe with other powerful and nourishing women. 


After years of research, conducting focus groups, one on one coaching, I deduced something was missing in order for women of color to be successful senior leaders. 

And that was authenticity! 

We developed the SPICE (S.P.I.C.E.) model as our signature leadership and workplace navigation framework exclusively for diverse women who are actively seeking out ways to be authentic leaders and disrupters in your industries; but find themselves struggling each day to overcome code switching, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, not having a personal brand, burnout and navigating the workplace with support and advocacy.

Let’s be honest, leading with authenticity will come with its own set of unique challenges, that is why we are here to guide you through that journey!


This curriculum and community based program guides women through our framework, that is underpinned with foundational principle of
leveraging your authentic self and innate strengths as your competitive advantage:


Set yourself apart from the "talented bunch" on your journey to senior leadership; enhance your business savvy and align your strengths to solve complex problems and elevate your career.


Align your strengths, career strategy and organizational impact to intentionally perform and contribute to metrics that matter. You will no longer have to be the hardest worker in the room sacrificing your wellbeing.


Be seen, heard and valued as your authentic self, without having to conform to dominant norms. Build an authentic executive presence and personal brand that radiates and commands every room you enter.


Land your next leadership role that plays to your strengths. By learning the art of communicating and setting boundaries, negotiating and value articulation, you will build trust credibility and confidence, without second guessing yourself.


Say goodbye to solo leadership and isolation. Build strategic, meaningful and personal relationships up, across and external to your organization that exposes you to new and better opportunities and lifelong connections.

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- Miranda, RN for pre
and post op surgery

I was interviewing and was passed over for jobs earlier this year. After reading your book and attending your classes, I HAVE LANDED MY DREAM JOB! I showed up more confident than ever. Not only that, I received a major pay raise and its only three miles from my home.

- Joi, CEO J.R. Candle

As both a business owner and leader, the book and sessions have prepared me to implement systems for sustainability, so I am not burned out, how to effectively lead other managers, and empowering me to do it all AUTHENTICALLY. This is absolutely amazing!

- Dr. Angela, MD

This program has encouraged me to hang up my superwoman cape and focus on being a well leader. My superpower comes from being WELL and AUTHENTIC!

- Karen, HR Professional

Who knew being my authentic self was actually outside of my comfort zone. I have embraced being authentically me, performing intentional work aligned to the business strategy and as a result, I am up for a promotion!

  • Fulfillment and alignment in your life, business, and career due to being your unapologetic self that delivers value.
  • Game-changing roles and promotions to senior leadership without having to conform to corporate cultural norms.
  • Life-changing salary increases due to confident and compelling negotiation and value articulation skills.
  • Lifelong, genuine relationships that are nurturing, empowering, and mutually beneficial. The ones where you can share your goals without any jealousy or envy, yes those!
  • Increased influence due to greater leadership capabilities, no more second guessing themselves.
  • Enhanced relationships with their loved ones and family with increased energy.

Are you ready to cultivate your unique leadership style and personal brand that enables you to increase your income, impact, and influence in your organization?

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The Lead with S.P.I.C.E personal and professional development program includes:


  • 6-month hands on, immersive learning journey.
  • Bi-weekly development sessions, alternating between GROWTH sessions with your certified coach Shayla and MOMENTUM sessions with your dedicated accountability coach.
  • E-learning modules with a companion workbook to guide you through the content.
  • Growth assignments that stretch you to move you outside your comfort zone of conforming and burnout.
  • Leadership assessments for growth opportunities.
  • Creating a SPICE leadership development plan that nurtures the entire woman and sustain your momentum after the program.
  • BONUS: Peak performance and wellbeing training with a world renowned functional medicine doctor.
  • BONUS: A powerful and private community of high-achieving, growth-oriented women leaders you can engage with and who will pour into you.
  • BONUS: A copy of Shayla's Amazon top selling book, Black Women Lead With S.P.I.C.E.
  • And more!
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For over 15 years, I hid who I was, codeswitched to the point of unrecognition, but why? I was hiding that I didn’t come from a fancy alma mater, at the time I didn’t have letters behind my name, you know… I thought I didn’t have that pedigree, a word I despise by the way. However, I was able to go from operating production lines in manufacturing plants to climbing the corporate ranks and leading global Fortune 500 DE&I and HR teams being my authentic self.

As a recipient of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award presented by Joseph R. Biden, Shayla Atkins is a prior corporate Global DE&I Director with a proven track record spanning 15 years of HR leadership experience, a Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt, a global award-winning leadership and business strategist and leading authority in global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) strategies.

Shayla serves as the CEO of The Atkins IMPACT, a DE&I and Organizational Effectiveness coaching and consulting firm, whose mission is to guide leaders to embrace equity, activate authentic and inclusive leadership and ignite belonging within organizations.

Near and dear to Shayla’s heart is unlocking and unleashing the power and talent of women of color in leadership. As a prior corporate leader, she knows all too well the challenges diverse women face and believes that when women are in the C-suite, the company flourishes!

As a highly sought after keynote speaker, best selling author of "Black Women Lead With S.P.I.C.E.", and consultant, Shayla's work has been featured on major TV networks and in over 100 prominent media platforms, including the CW, ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, and USA Today. She's also been recognized for her leadership and commitment to her community.

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For Organizations

Sponsor a woman of color in leadership who is

  • Rising female talent in your organization
  • Ambitious early to mid-level leader (supervisor to director)
  • On your succession bench and primed for senior leadership
  • Emerging leaders that needs that "talent unlock" to demonstrate their full potential



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Host a private development experience for your organization

  • Cohort style learning experience for your women of color in leadership.
  • Immersive, hands-on 6-9 month learning journey
  • Instructor lead training sessions for the participant's leader
  • Requires a partnership and written growth commitment from both the female talent and her leader.
  • Individual development and action plan creation
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